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    Holstein Friesians - 155 HEAD

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    beeston castle auction
         Whitchurch Road
         CW6 9NZ

    01829 262100

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    First Sale to Disperse the Entire Commercial Herd of Holstein Friesians on behalf of JA & CJ Sherwin, Dairy House Farm, Sproston, Holmes Chapel, Cheshire and removed to Beeston Castle Auction for Sale convenience and comprising some 155 cows and heifers in-milk. This is a great herd of dairy cattle which feature animals displaying width and strength, well attached udders, legs and feet, the ideal type for commercial milk production. The herd follows a year round calving pattern, continually running with three Beef Stock Bulls. 61 sell fresh since July, with a further 30 due to calve before Christmas. They are both youthful in appearance and age, but perhaps most appealing is the herds ability to produce large volumes of milk on a relatively simple system, with over 70 head yielding between 32 and 60 kg daily. Fed on a Semi-TMR diet based on grass silage (no maize), brewers grains and molasses, topped up with concentrates in the parlour. Grazed during the summer, cubicle housed in winter. 2x milking. Herd average from milk sold 9029 kg 3.64% 3.29% CC 194. Vacc. IBR. Johnes screened. PMT 18th Sept. 2018. This is good herd of naturally productive cattle.

    For further details call Simon Lamb 07815 188125

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