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    THURSDAY SEPTEMBER 20 (10am) - 340 BRITISH FRIESIANS (also Holstein Friesians & 4 Jerseys)

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    Horton Wharf Farm
         Horton Wharf Farm
         Leighton Buzzard
         LU7 9DE

    07836 592501

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    Comprising the entire milking portion & crop of down-calving heifers from the noted LANGLEY Herd, the property of Messrs C.J & G.R Carnell. This herd is widely regarded as one the very best herds of pure British Friesians anywhere and buyers can tap into this genetic goldmine of 350 cows and calved or close calving heifers (51 are Excellent & 93 VG) & 7 Bulls. Great udders, legs & feet on cows with exceptional wearing capabilities stamp the Langley cattle and consistent commercial merits result in a CIS average of 8,174kg 4.03%F, 3.33%P SCC = 170 in cubicles, TMR (no maize) and usual grazing. Many of the cows have given 9000kg including 50 at 10-14,000kg best yield. Many of the Breed's top families are included and Langley bulls are widely regarded as amongst the best. For anyone looking for hard wearing durable Friesians with deep pedigrees this sale is a must.

    The principal activity of the firm is the sale by auction of pedigree and commercial dairy cattle. The firm has been privileged to conduct most of the top sales of pedigree Holsteins in the last 25 years, but is equally adept at marketing 500 commercial dairy cattle. In recent times we have added beef cattle and farm machinery to our repertoire.