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    The Dispersal Sale of the Highly Classified "Treludderow" Herd of 282 PEDIGREE HOLSTEINS

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    sedgemoor auction centre
         North Petherton
         TA6 6TS

    01278 410250


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    Comp: 146 Dairy Cows & Heifers Inmilk &/or Incalf; 52 Incalf Heifers; 12 Bulling Heifers; 58 Yearling & Younger Heifers & 14 ?A' Lot Heifer Calves - CIS HERD AV: 8,684 KGS. 4.37%BF 3.21%P SCC=125 - CUBICLE Housed; HERRINGBONE Parlour - CLASSFIED 95% Ex, VG or GP - YOUNG COWS: 115 1st-3rd Lactation - CALVING: July-Oct (38); Nov-Feb (49); Mar-May (54) - SIRES INC: Iota; Baxter; Matt; Jenkins; Entrust; Gratis; Avalon; 1st Class; Caliber; Outbound; etc. - SERVICES TO: 1st Class; Rabo; Iota; Spring; Painter; Superstar. For AD Harvey (Removed from Treludderow Farm, Rejerrah, Newquay)

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