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    Auction sale of agricultural tractors, combine harvester, self-propelled sprayer, implements and machinery

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    Garlands Farm
         Garlands Farm
         Tollesbury Road
         CM9 8RP

    01223 213777

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    Tractors: 2013 John Deere 8360RT (2,506hrs), 2012 John Deere 6170R, 1996 John Deere 6800, 1981 David Brown 1490. Self-Propelled Sprayer: 2012 Househam AR4000 (2,235hrs) 30m Combine Harvester: 2011 John Deere C670i 30ft cut. Machinery: Vaderstad RDA600 6m drill, 2018 Kverneland Exacta TL GeoSpread fertiliser spreader, 2009/04 AS Marston 14t trailers (2), Kverneland EG85 5furrow plough, Keeble min-till cultivator 4m, Vaderstad NZA600 cultivator 6m, Gregoire Besson Discordon 4m, Quivogne APXTL discs 4m, 2007 Cousins Contours 12.3m rolls, Simba PressRoll 4.6m, KRM R600 drill 6m, Cousins 2leg subsoiler, AS Marston 10t trailer, Starfire 3000 guidance system (2), New Holland 905 swather (2). Also: cultivators, drills, workshop equipment, wheels and tyres. Included: Gregoire Besson SPEL 10furrow plough, Tim Howard Maxi-Lift 9leg Subsoiler - Friday 12th October 2018 at 10.30am Catalogues available via or by post from the auctioneers